Be carefull with your words

Contoh orang kita:

" Jangan main benda tu NANTI bersepah NANTI boleh pecah NANTI ayah kena ganti beli baru."

Some people just say too much ' Jangan' and worry on things that may AND may not happen. That is, worry for things that they are unsure of.

Mother: "Why worry things that is not happening yet? 90% that you worry doesn't happen." Thanks mother.

" Cakap la elok2. Kata-kata tu kan doa."

I have witnessed situations where an adult said to a child " Jangan lompat-lompat nanti jatuh kepala luka." An hour later, the same child knocked his forehead on a table and got 4 stitches from the doctor.

Contoh kita boleh adjust ayat-ayat yang seperti diatas;

"Jangan lari nanti jatuh." --> " Jalan"

" Jangan main nanti rosak" --> " Main elok-elok."

"Jangan pandu kereta laju2 nanti boleh kemalangan" --> " Pandu hati-hati."

"Jangan cakap kuat-kuat nanti orang marah." --> " Cakap perlahan-perlahan."

* Kata-kata itu doa ya. Kata-kata ibu cepat dimakbulkan tuhan. So mothers, please be careful with your words :)

In other words, dont let 'worry' stop us from doing things. If it happens, it happens. We will cross the bridge when it comes. Worrying do takes up a lot of a person's time.

Lets try not to waste time by worrying things that we are unsure of.