babe ?

If I could tell you anything it would be that I love you, that I’m in love with you, that I’ve been in love with you since I met you and that I will always be in love with you, today, tomorrow, forever.

I’d tell you that nothing or no one will ever change how I feel about you.
I’d say that you’re my number one, you’re my soul mate and my best friend.
I’d tell you that if I had to choose between my life or yours, I would choose yours because I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist.
I’d tell you that you’re a pain in the ass and an arrogant son of a bitch and I love your stupid hair and the way your eyes crinkle when you smile.
I’d say that your voice is the soundtrack of my life and that when a day goes by and I don’t talk to you I feel like a piece of my brain is missing.
I’d tell you that I want you there with me, 3, 5, 10, 50 years from now, front and center, I want you in my life, from now until forever.
I’d tell you that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life and that sometimes I honestly don’t think I deserve you. But then I’d tell you that you’re the love of my life, my musical soul mate and that books and movies have always taught me not to let you go.
I’d say that you’ve changed my life, you’ve shown me what it’s like to have someone love you and care about you.
I’d tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, that I want to wake up next to you, eat cereal, watch stupid daytime television, go out to dinner and fall asleep next to you, and repeat it over and over and over again until the day I die.
I’d tell you that you invade my thoughts and my dreams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I’d say that every little thing reminds me of you, even if they have nothing to do with you and I’m constantly wondering if you think of me as much as I do of you.
I’d tell you that sometimes I just want to hug you for hours.
I’d say I want to spend every day with you, walking around, being lazy, hand in hand, as long as we’re with each other I can honestly care less about what we do, I just want to be with you.
I’d tell you that my heart pounds at such a fast rate when I see you that it almost makes me sick, but I wouldn’t change that feeling for anything.
I’d tell you that I love you more and more each day and that I wish you could see yourself the way I see you, because I see someone who’s beautiful, smart and has the most potential in anyone I’ve ever met.
I’d say that I want to conquer the world with you by my side.
I’d tell you that I will stand by you forever and that my heart will always belong to you.
I’d say that sometimes I wish I could erase how I feel because it’s so overbearing and powerful that I can’t handle it and I feel like I’m going to fall apart.
I’d tell you how happy I am that I found you and that you saved my life in every way a person can be saved.
I’d say that I’ve fallen completely, madly, deeply and truly in love with you.
I’d tell you that I’m terrified that one day you’ll change your mind and forget about me.
I’d tell you that you changed everything for me, you made me laugh, you raised standards and make me feel like myself.
I’d say that I’m scared of losing you more than anything.
I’d tell you that I’ll never let anything hurt you and if something does, I promise it’ll hurt me more.
I’d say I wish I could take away all the pain, stop bad things from happening and make your life exactly how you want it.
I’d tell you that when I see you, my mind goes blank and I never talk because I don’t know what to say.
I’d tell you that when I’m with you I feel like I’m at home and when I’m not with you I’m constantly searching for somewhere to fit in and I never find it.
I’d say that you make my life worth something and without you I don’t know what I’d be doing. I’d tell you that I’m constantly wondering what you’re thinking and I wonder if I ever cross your mind because sometimes I feel completely invisible to you.
I’d say that I get these butterflies in my stomach whenever I see you or hear your voice.
I’d tell you that I never want to let you go, literally and figuratively speaking.
I’d tell you that your absence kills me and I wish you were always with me.
I’d tell you that despite everything, it’s always been you, you have always been the one I loved and cared about and you always will be.
I’d tell you that I don’t want anyone else to have you and that I want you all to myself.
I’d say that I’ve never met anyone like you.
I’d tell you that you’re pretty much my only reason to smile.
I’d tell you that I never ever want you to leave me.
I’d tell you that against everything I’ve ever believed, I trust you, no matter what and it scares me to death.
I’d say that I feel fireworks whenever I think of you or see you.
I’d tell you that, if you want, I’m yours to keep.
I’d say that I am constantly missing you.
I’d tell you that I’m dying to talk to you, but I’m too stubborn to call you or text you first.
I’d tell you that you make me feel alive inside and you make me smile uncontrollably.
I’d tell you that I have no idea where I’d be right now if it weren’t for you.
I’d tell you that you’ve become a part of me, you keep my heart warm and full of life and if you were to leave I’d just be empty and cold inside.

Most importantly, I’d tell you that I’m in love with you, I always have been and I always will be.

im sorry,