im falling in love with you :)

sorry la kat kawan2 yang merindui coretan aku. * haha perasan

manusia berubah. nobody is perfect. aku boleh pikir dah la ni. aku rasa aku dah matang sikit. err maybe. fikiran matang sikit. tapi perangai budak budak lagi. heee. Peace ;) im happy with my life right now. i'll be okay if nobody cares about me. i dont mind if someone talk shit about me. this is life right?

things can change. everything can change. Ah, yes. the past can hurt. but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it. just believe that one day you will have a better life than now. :) Aminnn.

( The moment she threw her past, it’s the moment she never want to see lights anymore )