once you love

I'm waiting for this hols. So much things to be done with my hero up here. Last week we meet at Ipoh and he took me out everyday since I arrived till Sunday. The last day we meet, the lunch was on me. Yeay for me ;) Oh God, I just love this man. *hey my man, why you so cute haa? Be mine forever please? Will you? Will haa? Haha.

And can't wait to end my finals. can't wait. can't wait. I JUST CAN'T WAIT. Cause I need some shopping therapy. But Mirin not having the same semester breaks with me. Sobsobbb T_T I hate it okay. btw, I need to go holiday. PULAU LANGKAWI for sure! Haha and a SWEET ESCAPE too.

okbye.off to study. I&I and Anatomy.