Random update.

When you are in relationship, you could never wanna go sleep and dreaming because you would feel that reality is better than dream. Open your eyes and waking up next to him, the good morning wishes that he whispers beautifully make your morning better. Lay down your head on his chest and hold his arms so tightly, you can’t even know that you will felt so safe and peacefully with his presence. Anywhere you go, he will be near.  You keep all his text and re-read your old conversation, it was just a feelin g that can’t never be described with words. Hi give you one kiss to go to sleep, two kisses to dream, and endless kiss when you wake up, you are the reason why he had sleepless night and the reason why he tend to hold pillow tight.

*Dear you, I never let you go because in the back of myy mind I still believe that someday we will get our second chance. Amin :’)*