Trust who ??

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *that's one long hey, lol*. Haha, how are you guys and gals out there? I'm fine thank you *not that you're asking, haha*. So how's life? Mine? Can't complain.
Hahaha, so what's my reason for using that title?
Well, I wanna show the importance of trust. :)

Imagine one day when you are going out with your friend *could be one, could be more, mind me*. While you are walking, you have the sudden urge to go to the bathroom *ehem, potty break, lol* but you can't bring your brand new, expensive camera *why did you bring a camera to a shopping mall in the first place, haha*. You entrusted your friend with your camera because you need to do some business in the toilet. After that, you came out to see your friend gone off, with your camera and your wallet *I didn't mention wallet earlier, lazy, lol*. You trusted your friend and he/she have the guts to betray your trust? That's just wrong.

One more example, you and your friend always tell each other everything. I mean EVERYTHING, from secrets to crushes, boyfriends, beauty secrets and such *I don't know what girls talk about to each other, so this is my best guess*. But one day, he/she blabbed about your secrets to everyone. You trusted him/her with your life, asking them to guard your secret, entrusting them with hope, but what did they do? They sabotaged your life by exposing your deep, darkest secret. Man, that's really low, even for a person.

So, the point is, you can trust anyone, but don't overdo it. If you trusted someone too much, they might stab you in the back. So trust your friends, but at a certain limit. If you think someone that you really can trust is there, then you can tell 'em your secrets. Trust is important in building friendships, especially relationships. Heck, countries were built on trust.

Trust friends, but trust yourself the most.