everywhere is the same :)

Take a look of the people around you. What do you think of them? And have u ever wonder what they think about you? Or you are too arrogant to never care.

Here’s a few example of situation we deal in our daily life and reaction we get from others

1) Someone said “OMG, I got a straight A’s and I don’t even study” or ” my parent just bought me a new laptop”.

Reaction : “He/She is such a show off”

2) Someone give an opinion “I prefer it to be colourful it looks more attractive”

Reaction : ” why is he/she being so bossy?”

3)A girl talks or close to a lot of guys

Reaction : “she is such a bitch”

4)Someone being nice

Reaction : “he/she is seeking for publicity”

5) People being crazy with their friends

Reaction : “gediknya”

6) People who always talk about themselves

Reaction : ” she/he thing she’s/he’s so good/famous”

There you go a few example of what happening around us. I’m sure some of you not just get reaction like that but actually gave such reaction to others. For those who always give such reaction to others, you need to realize that u have such a negative thinking.
Have u ever feel like telling someone about your achievement or things that you just bought (this that satisfied you)?
Have u ever have an idea or opinion that u think might makes thing better and tell someone about it?

(For girls) Have u ever talk to a guy?

Have u ever did something nice to others?

Have u ever do something crazy with your friends, something that you and your friends enjoy?

Have u ever feels like letting people know about yourself?

What do you think other people think when u do those things?

This is the problem that happen. We always give negative feedback to other’s actions. But we don’t realize that we sometimes do just exact same things as them. The problem is not two people doing the same thing. The problem is when we do it, it’s okay. But when others do it, it’s always wrong. Have u ever realize this thing? People usually don’t fake the way they act. It is just the way they are. Just because you don’t know them that much, don’t judge them.

So for the one that always give negative reaction, you should learn that people got their own attitude and learn to deal with it.

And to those who get all those negative feedbacks, just remember that people will never stop talking, they watch your every moves and will always search for your mistakes. Just be who you are and don’t care about what other people think. You’re amazing just the way u are. :)