Finally :D

well helloooo there (the voice of anwar hadi), november moved, december arrived. i spent my wonderful sunday with my bff. we had our secret recepi,kfc and chckn chop. yeay that. everything was perfect, the food, the movie (ombak rindu) and so on lah. as a conclusion, i have a wonderful sunday and wonderful friends. what a wonderful start for a new life :') thanks God for give me another chance to live happily.

foodcourt :D

buruk pertama

buruk kedua

buruk ketiga

buruk keempat

ini najwa asli. muehehe. *jangan marah qilah :D

she's my bff :)

fizah izuan and hazirah hamid :)

well, sampai sudah ke penamatnya. thanks kawan2 untuk hari yang sangat syiok. from munirah mansor, with love :)

"graduate, working, maybe doing masters, working, save up some money, get married and live happily."

InsyaAllah. Aminnn.