Crying :')

, No, I don’t’t fall in love easily, but when I do I’ll fall it hard. So boy, when me loves you. Me loves you truly. And only you. So please, dont break my heart? I understand I’m just another girl in your life. You’ll forget me just like you did to the rest. Its alright :’) God took what you think is the best for you. But do you know, He did that because He loves you and thinks you deserve more than that? So baby, stop it waiting, stop crying and stop hoping for someone to come back when he’s doing FINE WITHOUT YOU. Just stop wasting your time. You can do it,there are many people out there wanna you happy expecially your mum and dad sayang. Who can love you without you having to beg for it. Love yourself first baby? Can you? I used to think that I’ll never get over him. I can never move on because I love him so much. But then I asked myself, until when? He never love me. NEVER OKAY NEVER! Can you see clearly? I also keep asking myself why I still crying over someone who doesn’t care about me? I know its hard to forget him and move on but why don’t give a try? Smile J Don’t worry dearslf. God promised all of us happiness in difficulties. So hold on strong, the happiness is on its way to you and karma is on its way to him :’) Everyone know that having to let go someone is hurt, but what hurt the most is asking someone to stay when he never wanted to right? You know I do feel like punching my ex boyfriend so badly just for some reason. But nah, I respect him. You are everything that makes me fall in love but now you leave me? Hell yeah! Haha. My heart is not a toy for you to play with dear ex. Thanks for everthing and yeah nobody was perfect and me too. But, idk. Thanks because you make me crying over you everday. Thanks again. Goodnight :’)