all about me ^^

1) i'm a girl -.-

2) i was born on 2 of november 1993

3) i started going to kindergarten when i was 3

4) i started going to primary school when i was 6

5)i started high school at age 12.

6) i have 1 lil sister

7) i sometimes dislike my family

8) friend that i've known the longest is odah

9) i dont like fighting/arguing

10) i'm afraid of the dark.

11) i'm easily distracted by tv and laptop

12) i'm always sleepy

13) i hate people who always judges others

14) i hate backstabbers

15) i have high expectation for myself

16) i dont talk much with people i barely know

17) i need to have what i want

18) most of the time i let my feelings control myself

19) i'm not the kind of sweet and innocent girl

20) i love to break rules which i think is stupid

21) i have no fix ambition.

22) i miss 2010

23) i easily fall for cute guys hahahaha

24) i love my boyfriend

25) i want to get married by 25. tudia lambat

26) i love babies but not all of em

27) i want to leard on how to cook :p

28) i loveee family gathering

29) i hate mathematics

30) i hate exams

31) i hate homeworks

32) i cant sleep without have a pillow to hug.

33) my favorite colour is blue and pink

34) i love to talk about stupid things

35) i wish 2011 ends faster

36) i usually ignore attention seekers

37) i've change a lot since this year

38) one day i want to go around the world with my love one as our honeymoon hahaha

39) i love money :)

40) i love to love and to be loved

41) i wish i could make my family really really proud of me

42) i dont exposed other people secret even to my best friends.

43) i love it when a tall guy walk beside of me

44) i lie about my feelings a lot haha

45) i can easily burst into tears when i see someone else crying

46) i love gossips

47) i love to analyse people reaction

48) my school friends is amazing :)

49) i'm sleepy right now

50) i cant wait to get my driver license

51) i dont respect people who dont respect me

52) i've made a lot of mistake

53) i dont mind people telling me about my mistake rather than dont tell me and talk about it with other behind my back

54) i love theme park

55) i love travelling

56) i love surprises

57) yess, i wrote my name on my school bagpack it was not custom made like people though it was

58) there's only a few people who i fully trust

59) the most comfortable place for me is my house. a place i call home

60) i wish i'll get a perfect match ^^